Request test COVID-19 test kits for your Fire Departments, EMS Stations, Police Stations, community centers, etc.

Pool testing is covered using private funds.

Our Innovative Approach to Crisis Resolution: Working together with strong community leaders across the nation, we capitalize on the first line of defense: detection. First, our team provides all products and services at no cost to the public. We then rapidly deploy the highest quality of detection equipment to communities and deliver the best in class end-to-end solution. We possess a relationship in the next lines of defense: containment and treatment. In establishing a nation-wide network of strategically placed collection sites, our early detection leads to early containment. With strong community partnerships and a steady influx of top-tier supplies for wide-scale testing, we assist one another in the early notification process and contact tracing. This ultimately translates to immediately saving lives and the creation of a more stable and controlled environment within our communities. Once the COVID-19 vaccine is readily available to the public, our interconnected relationship with Operation Warp Speed, community partnerships, and our vast strategic network, allows for the swiftest and most efficient distribution to all Americans. Approaching this as a cohesive effort, together, we can and will save lives, and bring an end to this crisis.